September 12 - October 27, 2018
Exhibition Text Documentation

Cybele Lyle
The Desert in Four Parts; Part 1: Between What Came Before

September 12 - October 27, 2018
Reception: Wednesday, September 12, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Et al. etc. 2831 Mission Street

I grew up in Los Angeles, more specifically Pasadena and Sierra Madre in a home at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. The landscape of my childhood was the garden of my home, the chaparral of the local mountains, the Mojave. I recently moved back to Los Angeles and my childhood version of this place is being replaced by a new understanding of the landscape, and of myself. My new studio is in the Fashion District downtown - a hyper-stimulating urban area filled with stores of fabric, food, and vibrant color. I’m spending time thinking about the past in order to understand something new. These new works are part of an exploration of a new time with my mom, the textiles of my neighborhood, a new vision of the desert, and new places and people in an old landscape. I’m exploring an interior architecture, a domestic landscape as it exists within a larger context of the huge place that is LA.

-Cybele Lyle