We all live downstream
January 10 - 12, 2014
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We all live downstream: a performance by London-based artists Leslie Kulesh and Charlie Woolley.

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Friday, January 10th 8pm
Saturday, January 11th 7pm
Sunday, January 12th 2pm

Ivanka Trump brought her blackberry to the top of these dunes in Central America because she couldn't stop texting… Our attention spans are just schizophrenic now. Time spent with other people is fractured by Screen time. I wonder how much time it takes to think in the linear way we did before smartphones... Time spent in specific environments can be sentimental because a specific email was received there. Like, Last month deep in the Muir woods I reconnected with this guy I met in Singapore. Someday I'll take him to the tree stump I sat on replying to his email... it’s like, when we all first started meeting up and just talking about stuff, there was just so much energy and we were all talking about the same things. You know before it all got clogged up with other agendas. I just wish it could be like that again. Where does all the motivation go? How can it be there one day and then just gone the next? Like a sudden snow, just melted over night.

We All Live Downstream is a performative lecture written in collaboration by artists Leslie Kulesh & Charlie Woolley. Whilst spending 2 months driving through the US state of California, Kulesh & Woolley developed a scripted performance to be presented in the gallery space at the culmination of the trip. At the core of the performance is an investigation into the desire to hold onto events of the recent past. The attempt to resist the ever increasing speed of politics, technology and social lives by memorialising things that were, until recently, of great importance is often horribly futile or sentimental. How can we plug into the radical past, and revitalise feelings so recently felt and ideas that may still hold poignancy? How do you memorialise a page that is constantly refreshing?

Leslie Kulesh is a London based artist working in performance and sculpture about the body after the internet and notions of identity politics. Recent shows include 'Season 7', Bold Tendencies, London; 'Hard Ware Soft Core', Team Titanic, Berlin; 'L'Echappée Belle', Grand Palais, Paris; 'Echange Ecossais', Embassy, Edinburgh (2013).

Charlie Woolley is a London based artist working in various mediums, producing images, objects, and discourse; his work often focuses on subcultural and political aesthetic production. Recent shows include ‘Corporate Rock Still Sucks’, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen. ‘Postscript (P.s I Love You)’, Almanac Projects, London, ‘A Small Hiccup’, Grand Union, Birmingham & The Newbridge Project, Newcastle.