other thans
February 8 - March 1, 2014
Exhibition Text Documentation

other thans
Collaborative and solo work from Mitzi Pederson, Laurie Reid and Alexander Wolff. 
February 8 - March 1, 2014
Reception: February 8, 7:00 - 10:00 pm.

a scattered poem sounds good.

once i wrote a paper

with a friend

based on something i can't remember right now,

where we both wrote sequential random sentences or maybe evenly

divided what we wrote somehow

 - but basically it was kind of half-blind writing - or maybe we pulled out

each sentence from a hat...

i stayed at home today

it's finally quiet at my house

warm winter, no snow

3 kids getting ready for school

a bit of commotion

they were pretty quiet

everyone is pretty sleepy in the morning

the surprise of what will happen

how to say that in a press release

as opposed to what we wrote

kids will come to see our show

bringing me back to the present, explain or communicate it in some way

paintings would get sent from NY

starting from the wall and moving to the center,

haven't moved beyond the adjective: a rectangle shape, not too long, but

not like a square

the entrance is on a short end...descend the stairs and then

enter the rectangle

a cool long narrow awkward stairway

straightforward, clean, white and bright



do studio-drop-bys

much easier in dialogue

other ways to build bridges or connections than by looks/shapes/aesthetics

not necessarily building them but suggesting them

golden gate

other thans

golden than

just throwing out another idea!

fragmented.  is there a connection?

maybe the connection on your end slowed? a connection in that it's open,


or - maybe i misunderstood

open like the process

slow connection


slowing down to

be with it

mix with it

longing for...

its evening here, and

i need the dictionary sometimes

evening and morning thoughts and spaces

like working at night

all exist together equally as is with no direction and with no non-direction

letting tangents move us around for a bit

make some work and fun

immingle, underlying,

making it to the studio.

get along well with men

prefer women

male vibe

that vibe

be male

mixed vibes

macho art


Margaret was kind of the starting point.  I met her at the "Miss Read"

publication fair, she had her booth next to our magazine, in Berlin, and

she was so sweet to tell Laurie about my coming to CA and that we could

make a show happen and you Laurie made it happen. Thanks, Margaret!






other thans was reviewed in SFAQ