NADA Miami Beach
Johnny Bicos
Kate Bonner
December 1-4, 2016
Exhibition Text Documentation

Et al. etc. presents

Johnny Bicos and Kate Bonner @  NADA Miami Beach 2016

Johnny Bicos (b. 1993, Arcadia, CA) lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Recent exhibitions include Den, Et al. etc. (San Francisco); Imagine, Brand New Gallery (Milan); Let's Get Figurative, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (New York); Naucht und Träume, Altman Siegel (San Francisco); as well as a solo exhibition, Dead Sea Mud Mask, at 1038 (San Francisco).

Kate Bonner has exhibited at The Hole, New York; LV3, Chicago; Luis de Jesus, Los Angeles; the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco; San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art, San Jose; The Popular Workshop, San Francisco; Important Projects, Oakland; Et al., San Francisco; and NADA New York, among others.