November 10 - December 22, 2018
Exhibition Text Documentation

Rebecca Solnit says:

“Everyone is influenced by those things that precede formal education, that come out of the blue and out of every day life. 
Those excluded influences I call the grandmothers.”

there are a few places to be
in a day and it’s a phone
the day is a phone
the garden is a moment
seldom chosen, the garden
is anything that isn’t a phone like
soup or love and that
could never be a day

staring at the pink wall
my vision filter is
water damage screen

the eyeballs lament
those little lines
the brain falls around, banging
it’s coiled weight

and it’s night

I just love knowing the time
when it's lit 

I used to have a clock
bright by the moon
or something
always making it clear
buy a watch I write
buy a watch I write
the same shit every day
because I never do it
because I love the pen 
on the paper

because a watch would
crowd my grandma’s
silver bracelet

and what better
time piece than
the heirloom

On her last night

I talked to her on the phone
but she couldn’t respond
I said, I know you know, but
my art comes from you
and your world
she knows I know
she would have said
tiny tears

all she ever shed

instead I heard her breathe

Once Upon a Time
in her deep dark world
the living Museum of Everything
the bird clocks and
snuff bottles,
the Cleopatra and
dollar store ephemera

Mima showed me that
beauty has no hierarchy

The flow
as collage
as plastic, antique
heartbreak and trash 

nighttime and softball
and pencils as candy
Love Sex Dreams

“you were staying in the mirror with me”

we would talk on the phone
like friends, at sunset
we talked about her garden
she painted flowers
with thick black outlines

Mima showed me art as gift

a ribbon hanging from a drawer
attached to something like this:


Kayla Ephros (b. 1992, New Jersey) is an artist and poet. She received her BFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2016. Her work has been included in several group exhibitions including, Worm Brains at AWHRHWAR, Los Angeles; Sister at Phil Gallery, Los Angeles and Dizzy Video at Adult Gallery, Copenhagen. Her first solo exhibition Zen Yenta, was held at in lieu, Los Angles. Ephros has written two chapbooks; Maple Shade and Never Go To Your Room in the Daytime, from which she has given numerous readings around the country. Ephros is also the creator and co-organizer of the Interdisciplinary Poetry Workshops at the Kesey Farm. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.