May 24 - June 29, 2019
Exhibition Text Documentation

Et al. etc. presents

Jaymerson Payton
Anytime You Try To Get Something From Nothing…You’re Gonna Suffer
This exhibition is centered around the idea of molding one’s own destiny in response to uncontrollable circumstances. Which could stem from restraints within one's own environment or sudden life-changing experiences. Hardships are inevitable but it is how we choose to process these situations that give the human experience its depth and uniqueness. Focusing on this idea, the works of art in this exhibition have been created in response to the emotions, sensations, and grandeur of following through on a commitment to oneself to see this moment in time is not spent in vain. Traditional methods of oil painting meet 21st-century techniques and influences, extending a kind of more lived-in abstract expressionism.

Jaymerson Payton (b. 1992, Georgia, United States) started his creative journey as a fashion designer but in the long run, it became too stressful so he gravitated towards painting and never looked back. Payton is attending California College of the Arts for his MFA. He has exhibited at Leo Gallery, Hong Kong; Mammal Gallery, Atlanta; and Camayuhs, Atlanta; among others.